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The industrial revolution of the 18th century kicked off a remarkable age of progress for mankind and marked a significant transition from hand produced methods to machines. Today, we rely on machines for just about every activity we perform, be it travelling or cooking or even maintaining our lawns. Once such marvel of this revolutionary age was a modern electrical air conditioning unit, or an air conditioner as we know it today, which was invented back in 1902. Did you know that it was the introduction of the AC that led to the migration of people to the sun belt of the United States since it facilitated year-round comfort in the region? Today, the inhabitants of Delray Beach, FL lead a comfortable life due the very same reason. ACs have become an indispensable part of the daily lives of the local population as it provides much-needed respite from the sweltering heat during summer months.

Now, imagine how your lives would have been before the industrial age? Painful to even think about it isn’t it? However, a simple air conditioner failure could lead you right back to the ancient era and potentially bring daily activities to a halt. But breathe easy because Delray Beach AC Expert’s got your back. An industry leader in AC services, we are the no.1 choice for both commercial and residential customers for all things AC, be it repair, installation, maintenance or anything in between. Give us a call on 561-325-7797 to avail expert services!


Locally-owned and operated:

A locally bred and developed firm, we have been catering to the needs of the community for over two decades now. We have an outstanding track record with homeowners and businesses alike and our long list of clients is a testimony to that.

Same-day service:

You must have observed a lot of fast food outlets assuring a 30-minute delivery time, but ever heard that from an AC company? Well, now you have! Unlike other service firms, we don’t give customers 12-hour long windows and get right to it as soon as we receive the complaint.

Trained and professional technicians:

ACs might be ubiquitous these days, but they are still a complex juxtaposition of several components. Not to mention, the duct work, wiring, ventilation, and other factors that go into an installation of a unit. Our experts are old hands at all these jobs, having serviced and installed countless ACs of every brand out there. So, rest assured when you call us!

24-hour assistance provided:

An air conditioner can fail can happen any time of the day and will only compound your troubles if it breaks down in the middle of the night. But you don’t have to search the internet or look for a directory to find a late-night AC service that’s reliable and affordable. Delray Beach AC Expert offers its entire bouquet of services throughout the night and doesn’t charge a penny more than the usual rate. 

Priced right:

Many believe that good quality goes with high price or vice-versa, but that’s not always the case and we are the best example of that. Our prices never pinch too hard or fluctuate depending on the hour of the day. Furthermore, we are transparent from the word go and never add surprise ‘hidden costs’ to the final bill.


 ‘I remember it was a hot and stuffy day and I couldn’t wait to come back home and relax in my room. But to my horror, I realized that the AC wasn’t effective due to a refrigerant leak. I called up several technicians but couldn’t find any who would show up so late at night. Finally, I stumbled upon Delray Beach AC Expert who not only sent a technician within half an hour but also resolved the issue promptly. Truly god sent.’ – James P

 ‘We had just moved into this new house and couldn’t decide what type of AC to buy. Delray Beach AC Expert sent their experts who thoroughly examined our property and advised us what type of AC to purchase. They also helped us bag a good deal and installed the unit at a reasonable price. Really happy with the dedication and service!’ – Greg S

‘Unbelievably fast installation service! Though I had no prior appointment, they agree to come in at a moment’s notice. Recommend the service’ – Alison R

Many more customers like these have thanked us for our timely, affordable, and reliable services in Delray Beach, FL area. If you still need a reason to choose us, there's only one way to find out! Call our AC experts on 561-325-7797 anytime for a quick-fix, installation or maintenance and experience our top-notch services for yourself!


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